Jamestown Viking Lodge Hosts National Convention

The Jamestown Ingjald Viking Lodge hosted the 81st International Order of Vikings national convention with delegates coming from all over the Northeast United States.

The three-day convention, held in June, included business and fellowship. Delegates were greeted at the Viking Lake Park in Maple Springs and were treated to entertainment by the Thule Dancers and Swedish singers.

The Lake Park was the scene of a Viking medieval feast (pig roast) with attendees dressing in Viking garb. Following the Grand Chief’s reception on Saturday, the newly elected Grand Lodge Officers and Executive Council were introduced.

John Pavlock, past chief of Jamestown Ingjald Lodge, was elected grand lodge chief of the I.O.V. He will hold this office for the next two years.

Jamestown will be well-represented, since in addition to Pavlock’s election as grand chief, Mindy Worden, Bill Peterson and Bob Greenwald were elected members of the I.O.V. Executive Council.

Many who attended the convention commented on what a good time they had and how local Vikings and the Jamestown area made them feel most welcome. The Convention Committee, headed up by Bob Greenwald and Bryan Nelson, were thanked, as was the whole committee comprised of many volunteers for their work. They had been working and planning for the I.O.V. Convention for the last 18 months.

The Vikings is a fraternal organization with emphasis on Scandinavian heritage. Social membership is open to those of non-Scandinavian heritage. For more information about either the regular Viking membership or the Viking social membership, call the Viking office at 487-9305.