Ellicott May Allow Retail Sales In Industrial Parks

ELLICOTT – Ellicott officials are looking into allowing a small amount of retail sales in their industrial parks.

On July 1, the Ellicott Town Council was informed by William Wright Jr., town attorney, that the town’s Planning Board had been told businesses in the Mason Industrial Park are conducting retail sales at their locations. Wright said, although the retail sales conducted in both locations is minimal when compared to the company’s overall business, that it is against the town’s zoning code to allow commercial sales to the general public within the industrial park. The town’s attorney said the Planning Board recommended to the Town Council to modify its zoning code to permit a small amount of retail sales.

The Town Council then passed a resolution directing the Ellicott Zoning Commission to review the recommendation to modify the town zoning code to permit commercial sales in town industrial parks. The resolution also authorized the county Industrial Development Agency to be notified of the proposed zoning change to get their opinion on the proposal.

On Monday, Cecil Miller, Ellicott supervisor, said the town had received written responses from both Bill Daly, IDA director, and Rich Dixon, IDA chief financial officer.

The letter from Daly stated: “The Chautauqua County Department of Planning and Economic Development support the modification of changes in the town’s zoning code for Mason Industrial Park and the Airport Industrial Park. The modification will give existing businesses the opportunity for growth. This is definitely a move in the right direction.” Dixon’s letter also stated it is a move in the “right direction.”

Miller told The Post-Journal one of the businesses doing retail sales is Arthur R. Gren Co., which sells beer kegs to consumers. He said another business doing retail sales is the Overhead Door Company of Jamestown, which sells parts to consumers for repairs.