Farman Library To Host Concetta Kennedy

ELLINGTON – The Farman Free Library will host author Concetta Kennedy on Wednesday at 11 a.m. Kennedy, a local author, will discuss her book, “The Enchanting World of Garden Irene McGeeny.”

Although she is a Pennsylvania native, Kennedy has taught reading at Southwestern Central School and spent the majority of her life in the Southern Tier near Chautauqua Lake.

She says she enjoys reading fiction and nonfiction and is always jotting down ideas or observations to include in her writing.

Garden Irene’s tiny dwelling is actually the entrance to a majestic underground castle. When she reveals this in school one day, it piques the interest of her friend Peter Pranston.

She would like to take him on a tour, but she risks getting in trouble for revealing the family secret, and he may have to help her.

In the process, there are lessons for readers about truth, friendship, respect, and admitting and learning from mistakes.

The book was published in November 2012 by BQB Publishing.

It is available online through BQB, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble and in eBook format.

For more information, email or call 490-0324.