Small School Districts Have Salary Problems

To The Reader’s Forum:

A recent reader wanted to make the case that the superintendent of the Jamestown schools, making $165,000, is overpaid for a district of 5,100 students? A quick check of both enrollments and superintendent salaries around this area shows the real problem isn’t in Jamestown, but with smaller districts.

Combined, the enrollment of Ripley, Westfield, Chautauqua Lake, Clymer, Sherman, Brocton, Bemus Point, and Frewsburg, totals approximately the same as the Jamestown district.

Also combined, however, the total pay for those district’s superintendents adds up to roughly $974,000. Ripley, in particular, with 354 students, had a superintendent salary last year of $127,308!

The problem isn’t with large districts such as Jamestown, struggling to educate a very high-need population. The problem lies with small districts which need to merge and share services. Until such mergers take place, both locally and state-wide, New York will continue to spend in a irresponsible manner on education.

Barbara Williams