Area Should Have Done More For Company

To The Reader’s Forum:

In reference to the June 28 article: “Unanticipated Outcome. Pet Care Company Opts Out Of Old Fairbanks Farms Building Becuase of Water Unavailability.”

This company was going to employ at least 100 people and had already started interviews. It was said that one to two miles of water line would have to be run from Cummins (who, years ago got big breaks from Busti and Chautauqua County to come here). Well, the county, along with Jamestown, Lakewood, Busti and North Harmony should have said “we will get water to you!” This would have shown the company this area will do all that they can to get new employers and businesses to come here.

It must be hard to residents to understand why this area wouldn’t do what was needed to get this company up and running in our county to provide good-paying jobs.

Glenn Kohler