Common Core Is Not A Great Idea

To The Readers’ Forum:

For the past three years my daughter and I have been researching the drastic changes of New York State education. We are disappointed in the lack of information coming from our elected officials in this area.

Our state has signed on to a program that is ambiguous at best and will burden taxpayers beyond reason. It is not designed to raise the levels of our students but rather to trap them into a single line of thought excluding critical thinking and individually. Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence has just signed a bill suspending the implementation of the Common Core Standards.

Lured into signing on by promises of big money over 40 states hurriedly adopted Race To The Top The program that Common Core and Response to Intervention is a part of before it was even written! Recently JPS announced that although the questions for the CCSS arrived they did not receive the books and materials needed to fit the set of questions. Jesse Joy told the teachers to improvise! The roll out of this plan is about as incompetent as it comes.

At a glance Common Core Standards and Response to Intervention may seem to be a great idea however if you dig deeper you will find it is not. Personal information will be put into data systems that have the potential to spin out of control and remove privacy from children and families. Some information may be detrimental to a child’s future. “Practitioners” will be in charge of Response to Intervention a program of Classical Conditioning to change behavior or elicit the, “correct or wanted response”, (not defined); the child will be subjected to an experimental program without protection from parents or guardians!

Republicans have resolved to reject the collection of data on children; Sen. Grossly just started a bid to eliminate federal funding for the effort, the RNC recognizes it as an overreaching of the federal government to standardize and control the education of our children. The Republican Party rejects this CCSS plan, which creates and fits the country with a nation wide straightjacket of academic freedom and achievement.

We urge parents and the public to become active in the elimination of the program. We would request that you pay a great deal of attention to the Response to Intervention and phrases such as “higher levels of intensity, practitioner, evidence based, and internationally benchmarked” to name a few.

Audrey Shelgren

Nancy McCool