Editor’s Note

The temperature has been a hot topic around the region for most of the week.

Since the newsroom has no windows, I ask people walking in how the weather is outside if I’m curious. Most of the time, though, I don’t really care. The weather is out there; I’m in here.

If we’re experiencing a blizzard, I’ll worry about it when I start shoveling snow off my car. If it’s 90 degrees, I’ll worry about it when I roll down the windows.

But this week, office windows or not, we knew it was warm. The air conditioner apparently had a battle with the heat and got fried.

I was reminded of my former job during the first afternoon without the air conditioner, as I started to sweat while working. A few years ago, I spent the summer in a warehouse lifting cases of beverages; it was no picnic. I have a lot of respect for people who do manual labor, particularly those who are out in the elements or in a hot facility when the weather isn’t ideal.

After moving to the paper, I looked forward to the perks of office life, one of them being an air conditioned space when the weather outside became unbearable. Unfortunately, this week, it was back to box fans, dimmed lights and short sleeves when the air conditioner went down.

There was no shortage of creativity, though, as some of my coworkers discussed how they would beat the heat. From Hawaiian shirt day suggestions to jokes about frying eggs on the floor of the newsroom, everyone had an idea on how to lighten the mood. Although we were hot, sweaty and some of us maybe a little cranky, we powered through to the weekend.

One thing we could all agree on is that it doesn’t matter how old you get, air conditioner or not, free popsicles make a hot day better.