Martial Arts Promotions

Above, after 90 minutes of testing (Tetsuto) on basics (kihon), self defense (waza) and forms (kata) Black Belt Academy youth members were promoted to their respective ranks. From left are Greg Flagella, sixth-degree black belt testing board; Riley Eaton, promoted to blue/black stride; Christopher Joblon, promoted to purple/black stripe and Hanshi Rick Johnson, Testing Administrator. Below, with the completion of 90 minutes of testing (Tetsuto) on basics (kihon), forms (kata) and self defense (waza), more Black Belt Academy students were promoted. In front is Johnson. In the second row are Cole Chimenti, promoted to brown/black stripe; Logan King, promoted to yellow/black stripe; and Sam Harvey, promoted to yellow/black stripe. In back are Flagella, who assisted with testing; Chris Jones, promoted to blue/black stripe; Josiah Poindexter, promoted to green/black stripe; and JR Riggle, promoted to green/black stripe.

Submitted photos