New Officers, Members For WCA Home

FREDONIA – At its annual meeting in June, the WCA Home Board of Directors elected new officers and five new members. Barb Servatius of Fredonia was elected president for her seventh year. She has been a member of the board for 22 years.

Other new officers elected were Christine Davis Mantai of Fredonia as vice president, and Karen Davis of Fredonia as Treasurer. Re-elected as secretary was Rosemary Mancuso of Fredonia.

New members joining the board are Paula Warren of Dunkirk, Marjorie Plaister of Fredonia, Chuck Notaro of Fredonia, Kim Pacos of Fredonia, and treasurer Davis.

The returning members of the board are Terry Clifton of Dunkirk, Joan Glenzer of Fredonia and Sharon Perdue of Dunkirk.

The board has been continuously in existence since 1893, when the home was founded.

The home was established when the Fredonia chapter of the Women’s Christian Association, which is no longer in existence, purchased the Aaron O. Putnam House at 134 Temple St., to provide a home for elderly women. Operating since then as the WCA Home, the nonprofit facility is licensed by New York state as a limited home care agency and assisted living program.

The home has private rooms for 37 women residents, who are served by a staff of 35. For information on residency, visit the website at