Exhibitors Gather In Mayville For ‘Art In The Park’

MAYVILLE – Exhibiting artists liked the folks who came, but were disappointed by a lower than expected turnout during “Art In The Park” Saturday at Lake Side Park in Mayville.

“It was very slow,” was the succinct comment of Linda Mason, an exhibitor from Warren, Pa., who is also a member of the Chautauqua County Society of Artists which sponsored the event.

Mason said she has participated in the annual show for the past three or four years.

“I think it’s the slowest since I’ve been coming,” she said. All of the exhibitors interviewed agreed with Mason.

“(It’s) a little slow in sales,” was potter Ron Nasca’s take.

The Fredonia craftsman was philosophical about the attendance Saturday. “There weren’t as many people today, but the folks who did come were very friendly,” Nasca said.

Nasca and others noted Saturday’s weather, overcast and threatening rain, was likely a factor depressing the number of visitors.

Both Mason and Nasca, however, said the event is a good one. “It’s a very pleasant park, and the people are always very nice,” Mason said.

Nasca’s “saggar-fired” pottery entry was awarded first place by the sponsors. Three examples of his award winner were sold Saturday, he said.

Saggar-fired, he explained, begins with clay heated to 1,800 degrees. The piece is then wrapped in wire, placed in a bucket filled with sawdust and fired at 1,900 degrees, according to the Fredonia potter.

This, he added, is just one approach to saggar firing.

“Sometimes they come out very good; sometimes they don’t,” Nasca said.

There were 13 exhibitors Saturday, slightly less than the 15 expected, according to Mason.