Residents Enjoy New Bridge

To The Reader’s Forum:

The residents of the Cheney’s Point/Quigley Park area would like to publicly thank the many hard-working employees of Chautauqua County and North Harmony township who recently replaced the bridge over Cheney’s Creek at Chautauqua Avenue. The bridge had been declared unsafe three years ago and torn down two years ago. It was sorely missed, especially by those of us who were forced to access Route 394 at Ash Street, a dangerous intersection.

The replacement project was pushed by board member Dick Sena, expedited by township supervisor Sally Carlson, overseen by Dan Strickland and constructed by teams made up of Chautauqua County, North Harmony town and Busti town employees. Without wonderful cooperation and coordination among all these individuals, the project never would have been realized. In addition to those above mentioned, the following need to be especially recognized: George Spanos, county DPF director; Mike Borysoff, district supervisor; Lex Brumagin, Rick Lang, Steve Singer, Rod Kolstee, Jim Miller, Mel Peterson, Randy Milks, Bryan Evans, Todd Eddy, Bruce Stevens, Bill Stratton, Rod Asel and Pat O’Brien.

Residents of the area served by the bridge held a celebration party in the middle of it Friday, June 28, and toasted all who made the project possible. The bridge is open 24/7: come pay it a visit!

Mary and Ted Parran