Quiz Time: Two Show Stars

Through the years of television, there have been numerous stars who have been the lead, or important supporting, actor or actress in more than one successful television series. Can you guess what is coming next? It’s quiz time again, so grab a pencil and paper, your cup of java juice, and test your knowledge of some of these two (or more) show stars and identify the two or three series in which they starred. Good luck.

Who played:

1.) Steve McGarrett and Stoney Burke

2.) Andy Taylor and Ben Matlock

3.) Jim Anderson and Marcus Welby

4.) Jed Clampett and Barnaby Jones

5.) Paladin and Hec Ramsey

6.) Pete Porter, Officer Bill Gannon, and Colonel Sherman Potter

7.) Lucas McCain and Jason McCord

8.) Sam Malone and John Becker

9.) Kenneth Preston and Mike Brady

10.) Don Diego and John Robinson

11.) Robert Ironside and Perry Mason

12.) Clinton Judd and Dr. Alex Stone

13.) Bridget Steinberg and Elise Keaton

14.) Alex P. Keaton and Mike Flaherty

15.) Father Frank Dowling and Howard Cunningham

16.) Charles Ingalls and Joe Cartwright

17.) Donna Stone and Miss Ellie Ewing

18.) Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham

19.) David Banner, Tim O’Hara, and Tom Corbett

20.) Oscar Madison and Dr. R. Quincy

21.) Tom Wedloe and Chester Goode

22.) Alexander Scott and Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable

23.) Francine Lawrence and Sister Bertrille

24.) Ruth Martin and Maureen Robinson

25.) Mary Richards and Laura Petrie

26.) Krystle Carrington and Audra Barkley

27.) “Happy” Haines, Murray Slaughter and Captain Merrill Stubing

28.) Thomas Magnum and Frank Reagan

29.) Henry Rush and Ted Baxter

30.) Blake Carrington and Bentley Gregg

31.) James T. Kirk and T.J. Hooker

32.) Tony Banta and Tony Miceli

33.) David Healy and Leonard Hofstadter

34.) Ken Madison and Britt Reid

35.) Lou Grant and Lou Grant

36.) Todd Stiles and Pete Malloy

37.) Adam Cartwright and John McIntyre

38.) Fred Mertz and “Bub” O’Casey

39.) Captain Wilton Parmenter and Sam Jones

40.). Lucy Carmichael and Lucy Ricardo (I’m way too nice, but don’t tell anyone)

Well, there is the latest television memory jogger brought to you by the Voice from the Bullpen. I will give you the answers, though, once again, I know you don’t need them. Give yourself two and a half points per correct response. (Remember to round up if necessary.) I hope you did well.

1.) Jack Lord (Hawaii Five-0 and Stoney Burke)

2.) Andy Griffith (The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock)

3.) Robert Young (Father Knows Best and Marcus Welby M.D.)

4.) Buddy Ebsen (The Beverly Hillbillies and Barnaby Jones)

5.) Richard Boone (Have Gun Will Travel and Hec Ramsey)

6.) Harry Morgan (Pete and Gladys, Dragnet, and M*A*S*H)

7.) Chuck Conners (The Rifleman and Branded)

8.) Ted Danson (Cheers and Becker)

9.) Robert Reed (The Defenders and The Brady Bunch)

10.) Guy Williams (Zorro and Lost in Space)

11.) Raymond Burr (Ironside and Perry Mason)

12.) Carl Betz (Judd for the Defense and The Donna Reed Show)

13.) Meredith Baxter (Bridget Loves Bernie and Family Ties)

14.) Michael J. Fox (Family Ties and Spin City)

15.) Tom Bosley (The Father Dowling Mysteries and Happy Days)

16.) Michael Landon (Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza)

17.) Donna Reed (The Donna Reed Show and Dallas)

18.) Ron Howard (The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days)

19.) Bill Bixby (The Incredible Hulk, My Favorite Martian, and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father)

20.) Jack Klugman (The Odd Couple and Quincy)

21.) Dennis Weaver (Gentle Ben and Gunsmoke)

22.) Bill Cosby (I Spy and The Bill Cosby Show)

23.) Sally Field (Gidget and The Flying Nun)

24.) June Lockhart (Lassie and Lost in Space)

25.) Mary Tyler Moore (The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show)

26.) Linda Evans (Dynasty and The Big Valley)

27.) Gavin MacLeod (McHale’s Navy, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and The Love Boat)

28.) Tom Selleck (Magnum P.I. and Blue Bloods)

29.) Ted Knight (Too Close for Comfort and The Mary Tyler Moore Show)

30.) John Forsythe (Dynasty and Bachelor Father)

31.) William Shatner (Star Trek and T.J. Hooker)

32.) Tony Danza (Taxi and Who’s the Boss)

33.) Johnny Galecki (Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory)

34.) Van Williams (Surfside Six and The Green Hornet)

35.) Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Lou Grant)

36.) Martin Milner (Route 66 and Adam 12)

37.) Pernell Roberts (Bonanza and Trapper John M.D.)

38.) William Frawley (I Love Lucy and My Three Sons)

39.) Ken Berry (F Troop and Mayberry R.F.D)

40.) Lucille Ball (The Lucy Show and I Love Lucy) … too easy!

Well, there it is…another look back at entertainment on the small screen. I hope you enjoyed it and scored high.