NDI?Founder To Discuss Work at?Chautauqua

CHAUTAUQUA – Jacques d’Amboise, ballet dancer, choreographer and founder of the National Dance Institute, will discuss his life and career for the Chautauqua Dance Circle at 3:30 p.m. Monday, July 29, in the Hall of Christ.

Winner of numerous awards, including a 1990 MacArthur Fellowship, d’Amboise is of notable interest to people who love dance-or to anyone interested in attending an engaging presentation. His presence in Chautauqua is sponsored by Chautauqua’s own “patroness of the arts,” Kay Logan.

Logan said she was asked to attend a presentation while she was in New York last year.

“It turned out to be Jacques, and it was a wonderfully captivating presentation with some fabulous tapes of his early career including his one and only appearance on the ‘Ed Sullivan’ show where he tossed the ballerina into Ed’s arms,” Logan said.

“The look on the man’s face was, as you might imagine, something that happily was captured on film. Jacques was not invited back,” she said.

Logan said d’Amboise told interesting stories and anecdotes that were very engaging.

“There were some dancers in the audience that he had worked with, but the rest of the audience reminded me of Chautauqua audiences during the Q&A periods interesting questions to gain more understanding of that art form,” Logan said.

She said, given the level of ballet interest at Chautauqua, she thought it’d be great if he could come, present and see the growth of Chautauqua’s dance program.

“It’s such an opportunity for the Chautauqua Dance Circle and the Chautauqua Audience to be able to hear Jacques d’Amboise talk about his life as a dancer-and what a remarkable life that has been,” said Karen Dakin, publications editor at the Chautauqua Dance Circle. “Now he’s touching the lives of the future generation, engaging them in the magic of dance. What a wonderful role model,” she said.

As a Balanchine protege, d’Amboise had more works specifically choreographed for him than for any other dancer. He has written about his life as a dancer, a career that spanned more than three decades, in his recent autobiography, “I Was a Dancer.” A book signing will follow Jacques’ presentation.

“I urge the community to attend whether dance is part of your regular agenda or not,” Logan said.

The Chautauqua Dance Circle is a link between Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, artistic director of the dance program, and the Chautauqua community, dedicated to assuring that Chautauqua Dance remains competitive with other summer dance programs.

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