Ashville Author Releases Second Book Of Series

An Ashville author has continued the adventures of the Gickens, a 12-inch-tall people who speak English backwards and live at peace with nature.

Anderson, a former preschool teacher and daycare director who was born and raised in Lander, Pa., released the first book of the series “Let’s Meet the Gickens” in 2012. Feeling as if the story of the Gickens was incomplete, Anderson set out to create a sequel that resolved a number of the issues created in the first book. The resulting sequel, entitled “The Gickens Resolution,” welcomes readers back to the miniature world of the 12-inch-tall Gickens.

“The Gickens are fun little people,” said Anderson. “They live out in the woods in dead oak trees, and they’ve always been told to be afraid of the big people. Consequently, Mac, the main character, is discovered by a big person named Casey who goes out to cut wood and nearly cuts down their home.”

After being discovered by humans in book one, the Gickens found a new home in the town of Caseyville, where they have been living for the past two years. In book two, readers find that life has been swell for those two years. However, things take a turn when the Gicken teenagers decide they want more time for themselves, and to make their lives easier.

“The farmers have provided a safe place for the Gickens to live, but the teenage boys decide they are sick and tired of working all the time because in the woods they got to goof around all the time,” said Anderson. “They go to Casey to discuss their problems, and he suggests that they need a tractor. So, he offers them a remote control tractor. It is also revealed in book two why the Gickens are supposed to be afraid of big people.”

The story concludes with a new holiday being created for the Gicken families to celebrate, which leads readers into book three. Anderson is currently working on the third book of the “Gickens” series, “The Gickens Holidays.” She is also working on a separate piece entitled “Frances the Haflinger Horse.”

A 1975 graduate of Eisenhower High School, Anderson also studied at JCC and Empire State College. She credits her love of writing to Peg Marshall, who was a teacher in a one room school house. She currently lives on a small farm with her husband, Brad, and their Jack Russell Terrier. She has also raised four children of her own.

Anderson’s books are available at Town and Country in Sugar Grove, the Sherman Bookstore and Off the Beaten Path in Lakewood. They are also available on, and For more information, visit or