Ready About Sailing Sponsoring Regatta

CELORON – Depending on the weather, mainly the wind, the first annual Cruisers Sailing Regatta will be happening Saturday.

The regatta is being sponsored by Ready About Sailing, located at 32 Venice St., Celoron. Shawn Proctor, Ready About Sailing store manager/salesman, said he had been thinking about organizing a regatta for sailors for several years, but this is the first time he was able to get “lake-minded” people together for the competition.

”It is something to bring the sailors of Chautauqua Lake together,” he said. ”It is also a perk or benefit for the sailors that use our marina. We have some sailors from up the lake, but the majority are from our marina.”

Proctor said there will be 15 boats, and their crews, participating in the regatta. He said the regatta will be happening in the southern basin of the lake. The start/finish line will be at Point Stockholm, or the area around Sheldon Hall Road, and the upper mark, where sailors will turn their vessel and head back and will be near the overlook at the Interstate 86 rest stop area, which is also near Cheney’s farm. Proctor said he hopes to start the regatta around 1 p.m.

”We will head out 1-1:30 p.m. We have to watch the wind. You have to be flexible when you’re a sailor,” he said. ”We’re praying for good wind. We’re supposed to have beautiful weather, but might be light on the wind. That is our big hope right now; we need wind.”

Proctor said for spectators who want to watch the regatta, the rest stop on I-86 is a good view, along with the beach at Richard O. Hartley Park in Lakewood and, if you have a boat, the lake.