Bemus Point Library Book Sale Begins Friday

BEMUS POINT – During an action-packed weekend in Bemus Point, don’t forget to stop by the library to grab a book – or 10.

The Bemus Point Library will be hosting its annual book sale Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The pricing guide for the sale will be as follows: hardcover books, DVDs and audio books, $2; paperbacks, children’s hardcover, puzzles and games, CDs and video tapes, $1; children’s paperbacks, $.50.

The library has been collecting donated books for several months, and Kathleen McCarthy, Bemus Point Library director, is excited to finally be upon the book sale weekend.

“The book sale is very traditional, and people look forward to it every year,” said McCarthy. “It’s a very big event, not only for the Bemus Point community, but the surrounding area as well. Bemus Point has so many summer residents, tourists and weekenders who are always looking for a book to read. A lot of summer cottages around here might not have many books laying around, so it serves the year-round residents as well as the (vacationers).”

The final day of the book sale will occur concurrently with the Chautauqua Lake Twin Tier Chapter 16th Annual Antique and Classic Boat Show. McCarthy hopes that the guests who come to Bemus Point to see the boat show will also stop by the library to purchase a few books, or perhaps a confectionary treat from the library bake sale, which will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday and will continue operation until everything is sold.

McCarthy explained why the book sale is so important to the library.

“Just like everyone, we have a budget we need to meet for buying books, utilities and payroll,” said McCarthy. “I think the book sale serves two purposes: to raise funds for the library and to bring the community together. We really depend on the money we raise from the sale. We hope for a certain amount in our budget projection, but truly, it’s just great to see everyone who shows up. Many recognizable faces are usually at the sale, but there’s usually plenty of new faces, as well. Both are always wonderful to see.”

At the sale, all popular authors will be given their own sections, for the shoppers’ convenience. Non-fiction books will be organized by genre, such as history, health, religion and art.

McCarthy said that, because of the boat show, parking might be difficult for patrons to find. While traffic signs should be obeyed, most residential streets in Bemus Point can be parked on for free.

Finally, McCarthy thanked all of the volunteers who have already helped to organize the book sale, as well as all the volunteers who will help this weekend.

“We’ve had a dedicated team of four women who have helped to organize the sale so far,” said McCarthy. “It takes time to get the books sorted, and they’ve worked very hard to do that. We also have quite a number of people from the community who have volunteered to work during the sale. … It would be absolutely impossible to run this book sale without the help of the volunteers. There are only two employees who work here, and we certainly couldn’t do it ourselves.”

The library will close today at 3 p.m. to begin setting up for the sale. Normal library operations will resume Monday at 10 a.m.