Every Cent Counts: Bemus Point Pre-Schoolers Donate To CRCF

BEMUS POINT – No one is ever too young to help a neighbor.

Recently, the Bemus Point Library introduced the Story Time Pre-Schoolers to the concept of caring and giving by participating in the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation’s Piggy Bank Program.

“The Community Foundation brought in some red plastic piggy banks with the CRCF logo on it,” said Kathleen McCarthy, Bemus Point Library director. “We spoke with the caregivers and the kids about helping other people, and how it is important to think about other people in need. Since the CRCF has given (the library) money for events and books, this is a way for the children and the library to give back to them.”

In total, the Story Time Pre-Schoolers raised $83.44 to be donated to the CRCF. The children were asked to take whatever change they could find and save it in their banks. Additionally, they were encouraged to do small chores for their parents, and donate the money they were given in return to the CRCF.

“We just asked them to help out around the house, and if they got a penny, or nickel, or dime, to put it in the piggy bank and save it up,” said McCarthy. “On our last week of Story Time, we had a pizza party, brought in the piggy banks, and we totalled up all the change.”

According to McCarthy, the drive was just as much about teaching the children the importance of caring and giving as it was to give back to the CRCF.

“All the kids were very enthusiastic to raise money for such a good cause, and the children were allowed to keep the piggy banks after the donation was made, so perhaps they will continue to save and give to worthy causes of their own choice,” said McCarthy. “I just wanted to instill in them the idea that it’s good to help other people.”

The CRCF is celebrating its 35th anniversary, which was dubbed the “Caring and Giving Campaign.”