Rickner Wins Modified Tour Event At Eriez Speedway

HAMMETT, Pa. – The BRP Big Block Modified Tour came to Eriez Speedway, bringing a full field of 28 of the cars from all over Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.

Ricky Rickner led flag to flag for the win in a race that saw several cautions and two red flags, one for a flip and one for a pileup that had the track blocked.

In regular weekly action, father and son Rob and Max Blair each won their features ,Super Late and FASTRAK Late Models, while Ron Davies and Dan Maxim picked up their first wins of the year in E-Mods and Limited Late Models. Former class champions Chris Withers and Kasey Hammond won for the second time this season, Withers in Street Stocks and Hammond in Challengers.

With the field set through heat races, Steve Barr and Chris Haines sat on the front row for their 30-lap A-main. The front row ran side by side for a lap with Barr gaining the upper hand just as caution flew for a two-car incident in turn four. After another yellow, Barr again led the way. Ricky Richner came to second at lap six and was looking low for the lead a lap later, getting by at the flag at the completion of eight. At halfway the order was Rickner, Haines, Barr, Kevin Hoffman, and Brad Rapp.

As the leaders took the halfway signal, Brad Rapp and Chad Brachman, the tour point leader, got hooked nose to tail on the front straight slowing suddenly. Unable to slow in time, Rex King got into the rear of Kyle Fink, who had slowed to avoid contact, causing him to flip 1 times at the end of the straight. King was OK.

A second red flag was thrown when seven cars piled up in turn one, blocking the track. Two more cautions were necessary to complete the event with six laps remaining. Rickner went on to the win over Kevin Hoffman, who got by Haines for second with five to go. On the final lap Chad Brachman got by Haines on the final straight. Ron Cartright was fifth at the stripe.

John Volpe and Mike Knight led the Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models to the green. Knight led from the drop of the green, but Robbie Blair came to the lead at the end of lap two then cruised to his third win of the season in the all-green race. Knight wound up second with Boom Briggs third, Volpe fifth, Andy Boozel filling out the top five.

Matt Latta and Max Blair led the Bonnell Collision FASTRAK Late Models to the green flag for their feature. Blair led out of turn two with Latta and Scott Gurdak right behind. Seventh-starting Billy Henry came to fourth at three laps complete and then got by Gurdak a lap later. At lap, five Henry was second and closing the gap on Blair.

Henry, the winner the first two weeks of the season, was right behind the leader at the halfway point and was beginning to challenge for the lead when Nick Mohawk spun coming out of turn four just in front of the leaders. No contact ensued, but the race was under caution, allowing Latta to restart next to Henry. Henry and Latta got together on the back straight after the green with Latta losing several spots. Ninth-starting Mike Knight managed to get by Henry with 13 complete. Blair was able to strengthen his lead over the remaining laps, winning by several car-lengths over Henry, who just beat Knight to the stripe. Fourth was Scott Gurdak with Kyle Zimmerman fifth.

Brian Fardink led the Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods from the pole position with outside front-row starter Ron Davies in hot pursuit and getting by for the lead at the end of lap five. Once in the lead, Davies quickly ran off to a half-straight lead until points-leader Rich Michael got by Fardink for second two laps later. At lap nine, Steve Simon came to a stop against the outside wall in turn four, bringing caution over the field and erasing Davies’ lead for the restart. Steve Dixon got by Michael at the restart, but Simon again spun, this time in turn two, again slowing the event.

At the restart, Fardink and John Boyd got together on the front straight, spinning but not collecting any others. The final laps were all green with Davies getting the win by half a straightaway over Dixon, Michael, reigning champion Joel Watson, and Chad Carlson.

Dan Maxim and Tyler Green brought the Conway & O’Malley Limited Late Model feature to the green flag with Maxim leading the way and Jake Finnerty getting by Green for second at lap three. One lap past halfway, Mike Lozowski spun in two, slowing the race. After green Maxim continued his run to his first win of the season over 2012 champion Steve Kania, Current points leader Ryan Scott, Jake Finnerty, a winner earlier this season, and Green.

The Eric Walter Tree and Stump Removal Street Stocks started 17 cars for their 15-lap feature with Brandon Groters and Chris Withers leading the way. Groters got sideways right at the start allowing Withers to lead with Pat McGuire running second. The feature ran green to checkers with no cautions and nobody lapped, although one car did pull to the pit on the final lap. Withers cruised to his second win of the season over McGuire, Groters, Don McGuire, and points leader Eric Ester.

Stephen Enlow led the Kandy’s Gentleman’s Club Challengers from the green with Wes Stull second. By the halfway mark the points leader, Kasey Hammond,, had come from seventh on the starting grid to second. With two to go, Hammond got by Enlow and went on to her second win of the season. Stull wound up third with Jessee Phelps fourth and Joe Beach fifth.

BRP Big Block Modified Tour

Heat 1: Chad Brachman, Ricky Reichner, Kyle Fink, Chad Homan, Jeff Shaffer, Eric Gabany, Tom Glenn, Rick Ryder

Heat 2: Rex King, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Brad Rapp, Kevin Hoffman, Steve Feder, Randy Chronister, Carl Murdick, Don Brown, Rich Regalski (DNS)

Heat 3: Steve Barr, Ron Cartwright, Rex King Jr, Chris Haines, Dave Murdick, Bob Warren, Tom Mattocks, Joe Kubenic, Mike Turner

Feature: Ricky Rickner, Kevin Hoffman, Chad Brachman, Chris Haines, Ron Cartright, Dave Murdick, Mike Turner, Steve Barr, Joe Kubenic, Jeff Shaffer, Bob Warren, Don Brown, Rex King Jr, Carl Murdick, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Tom Mattocks, Mark Frankhouser, Brad Rapp, Chad Homan, Eric Gabany, Tom Glenn, Kyle Fink, Steve Feder, Rick Ryder, Randy Chronister, Rick Regalski, Dillon Barr

Super Late Models

Heat 1: Boom Briggs, John Volpe, Mike Knight, Chris Hackett, Darrell Bossard, Scott Johnson, Chris Peterson, Greg Oakes (DNS)

Heat 2: Rob Blair, Ron Davies, Dave Hess, Andy Boozel, Scott Gurdak, Doug Eck, Bob Dorman, Chevy Scott

Burger King of the Hill: Robbie Blair, Dave Hess

Feature: Rob Blair, Mike Knight, Boom Briggs, John Volpe, Andy Boozel, Fon Davies, Greg Oakes, Dave Hess, Darrell Bossard, Scott Johnson, Scott Gurdak, Chris Hackett, Bob Dorman, Doug Eck, Chevy Scott, Chris Peterson

FASTRAK Crate Late Models

Heat 1: Matt Latta, Max Blair, Jamie Brown, Billy Henry, Mike Knight, Kyle Zimmerman, Chad Wright, Al Brewer

Heat 2: Scott Gurdak, Luke Carlton, Bobby Rohrer, Bruce Hordusky, Eric Andrus, Khole Wanzer, Breyton Santee, Nick Mohawk, Tim Cole

Feature: Max Blair, Billy Henry, Mike Knight, Scott Gurdak, Kyle Zimmerman, Bruce Hordusky, Jamie Brown, Matt Latta, Chad Wright, Luke Carlton, Bobby Rohrer, Breyton Santee, Al Brewer, Eric Andrus, Nick Mohawk, Khole Wanzer, Tim Cole


Heat 1: Ron Davies, Brian Fardink, Rich Michael, Shane Crotty, Joel Watson, Steve Simon, Kyle Scott, Gary Eicher

Heat 2: Steve Dixon, Chad Carlson, Joe Weber, Steve Sornberger, John Boyd, Jake Eller, John Schenker, Chuck Frye

Feature: Ron Davies, Steve Fixon, Rich Michael, Joel Watson, Chad Carlson, Gary Eicher, Steve Sornberger, Kyle Scott, John Boyd, Chuck Frye, Brian Fardink, Steve Simon, Shane Crotty, Joe Weber, Jake Eller (DNS), John Schenker (DNS)

Limited Late Models

Heat 1: Jake Finnerty, Dustin Eckman, Tyler Green, Ryan Scott, Chris McGuire

Heat 2: Dan Maxim, Steve Kania, Wade Watson, Mike Lozowski, John Cline

Feature: Dan Maxim, Steve Kania, Ryan Scott, Jake Finnerty, Tyler Green, Chris McGuire, Dustin Eckman, Mike Lozowski, Wade Watson, John Cline

Street Stocks

Heat 1: Brandon Groters, Eric Ester, Shawn Fawcett, Eric Reinwald, Don McGuire, Joe Rohrer, Bill Best

Heat 2: Paul Schreckengost, Chris Withers, Pat McGuire, John Phelps, Greg Fenno, Mark Thompson, Gary Fisher, Ken Lamp

Feature: Chris Withers, Pat McGuire, Brandon Groters, Don McGuire, Eric Ester, Paul Schreckengost, John Phelps, Shawn Fawcett, Joe Rohrer, Mark Thompson, Gary Fisher, Eric Reinwald, Ron Johnson, Mark Ramsey, Ken Lamp, Bill Best


Heat 1: Stephen Enlow, Kasey Hammond, Wes Stull, Garrett Zimmer, Joe Beach, Matt Marcy, Rick Sperry, Andrew Phelps, Jeff Nunemaker, Kelsey Parker, Leo Hanlon

Heat 2: Tim Fisher, Jessee Phelps, Zach Downes, Mike Pohl, Tom Cupp, Jason Brightman, Mike Rotunda, Ryan White, Drew Panko, Matt Wolf, Todd Hanlon

Feature: Kasey Hammond, Stephen Enlow, Wes Stull, Jessee Phelps, Joe Beach, Justin Brightman, Garrett Zimmer, Tim Fisher, Jeff Nunemaker, Mike Pohl, Drew Panko, Leo Hanlon, Todd Hanlon, Rick Sperry, Kelsey Parker, Matt Marcy, Tom Cupp, Mike Rotunda, Ryan White (DNS), Zach Downes (DNS), Andrew Phelps (DNS), Matt Wolf (DNS)