Busti, Lakewood Sharing Gas Services

BUSTI – All the kinks have been worked out so the town of Busti can share gasoline with the village of Lakewood.

The Lakewood-Busti Police Department is now able to get gasoline at the town of Busti Highway Garage, 3646 Lawson Road. In March 2012, the village of Lakewood first passed a resolution allowing the police department to get gasoline from the town highway garage, which is cheaper than the commercial option. When the police department first started using the town’s gas there were kinks in the system on exactly how much gasoline was being pumped and who was pumping.

However, John Bentley, Lakewood-Busti Police Department chief, said the kinks have been worked out, and the department is now getting gas for vehicles from the town highway garage.

”There was an issue on how to keep track of it, but now we have a computerized key system,” he said. ”Everyone has a code number, so we know who it is and what date and time they are getting it.”

Bentley said the gas from the town highway garage is cheaper because the town gets it at state bid price. He said police vehicles are in the town on patrol, at least one car at all times, so it makes sense to get gas at a cheaper price. He said the department still uses a commercial gas station in the village because the car assigned to patrol the village isn’t in the area of the town highway garage.

”Because they (town of Busti) have their own tanks they can get it at state bid price. This way the price is far more stable. They don’t face the huge fluctuation in gas prices,” he said. ”About every 20 to 24 days they fill up at the town garage, and then the price of gas stays the same. If we have a week around here where the price of gas goes up 15 to 20 cents a gallon, and then goes back down, we have to pay that extra amount at the Lakewood spot. At the town highway garage, the price doesn’t change, and we don’t have to pay for that price increase.”

Bentley said he doesn’t know exactly how much the department has saved so far by using gasoline from the town location.

”I don’t know exactly because the cost of gas fluctuates so much,” he said. ”For sure, because of a premium, we save a nickel a gallon all the time. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up.”