Falconer Senior Aims For Degree, Career In Engineering

FALCONER-Matthew Overend, who will be a Falconer Central School senior, is looking to engineer a future for himself.

Having been enrolled in the district’s engineering and advanced engineering courses, Matt not only enjoys it as a subject but a viable career opportunity.

“I’ve been thinking about software engineering, mostly making programs,” he said. “I don’t know that much about it – it just seems to interest me the most out of all the different engineering (fields) that are out there.”

Matt’s interest in engineering is magnified by his aptitude for math and science. He has taken chemistry and trigonometry, which he said will come in handy as he continues the college search process.

“A lot of the colleges I went to, the first thing they asked was what kind of math classes I took. Trig and calculus were the big ones,” he said.

Thus far, he has looked into pursuing an engineering degree at Clarkson University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Baldwin-Wallace College-though he expects to explore other options.

With a GPA of 90 and nine college credits under his belt, Matt has given himself a leg up on his first year of college; with an opportunity to earn more by taking an Advanced Placement course next year. Tina Duliba, guidance counselor, said he could feasibly have enough credits to get his bachelor’s degree in three-and-a-half years, or if he takes 18 credits per semester, three years.

Matt has kept himself busy in the realm of extracurriculars both in and out of the school district, including varsity baseball and the 4-H youth organization.

“It’s probably the most fun I have,” Matt said of his nine-year participation in 4-H.

During his time with the organization, he has raised several pigs, sheep and cows. At his sheep farm, he performs inspections and helps to answer questions. As a team ambassador, he has given several speeches to raise money for the program.

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