Ellicott Officials Discuss Public Facilities Building

FALCONER – A proposal to upgrade the county’s Public Facilities Department building is also being discussed by town of Ellicott officials.

The Ellicott Town Council recently discussed the proposal being discussed by county officials to upgrade the building located at 454 N. Work St., Falconer. Cecil Miller, town supervisor, said he was asked by George Spanos, county public facilities director, to make a recommendation to the county on where the town stands on the subject.

In May, Spanos was given the green light to draft a resolution that would provide money to replace the aging structure. The approval came during a meeting of the County Legislature’s Public Facilities Committee.

The current facility in Falconer was built in 1926, has seen few upgrades and has shown its age for decades. An analysis completed 20 years ago identified that a new shop was needed, Spanos said.

A potential layout of the new facility was presented to the committee in April. In May, Spanos got unanimous support for an upgrade.

In June, David Krieg, Falconer mayor, attended a county Audit and Control meeting to express his opposition to a new building in the Falconer for the county highway department. Krieg told the legislators the highway department is in the middle of a residential area.

“I get complaints continually from people during the summer of the dust on their houses and their cars and their patio and the noise. In the winter, you get the noise all night with the trucks pulling in and plow and I think George (Spanos) makes an effort to control the problems, but there are certain things that you can’t control. I want to have it known of my opposition to another building going in Falconer,” Krieg said.

Last week, Miller agreed that the middle of Falconer isn’t the right location for the county Public Facilities Department.

“The center of the village probably is not the greatest place for that,” he said.

During the board’s discussion, it was mentioned the county might be looking to relocate to the county airport. Larry Barmore, Republican county legislator from Gerry who represents Falconer residents, said the facility will not be able to relocate. Barmore said the cleanup costs would be too great to move from the current location with items like gas tanks at the facility.

“There is no way to move the whole operation,” he said.

Miller said more investigation needs to be done into the proposal for the new county Public Facilities Department building in Falconer. He said the board will continue discussing the issue at their next meeting Monday, July 15.