US Foreign Policy And The Decline Of Sweden

As most of us know, Jamestown and environs has a high concentration of people with an ethnic Swedish background – comparable even to famously Swedish Minnesota. Therefore, the following important but tragic information about the land of our ancestors will be of interest to many Post-Journal readers.

There are many reasons why I as an American citizen am fundamentally opposed to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, a primary one being because our actions over there in recent decades have contributed appreciably to driving mass refugee exodus from that region to beautiful Western European nations like Sweden. Naturally, I do not fault our brave men and women in uniform who have served and are serving for these policies, but rather the architects of war in Washington, D.C. in places like the executive branch, the Pentagon, and the CIA.

Last June I gave a presentation at the Thule Lodge in Bemus Point regarding noteworthy Swedish immigration and emigration trends: more people emigrated from Sweden in 2011 than in any other year, including the renowned peak emigration years of the late 1800s. According to Statistiska Centralbyran 50,786 people left Sweden in 1887, and in 2011 51,179 Swedes emigrated. Of course, the 1887 figure represents a larger percentage of Sweden’s population at that time, but the record-breaking 2011 emigration is still significant.

While record numbers of Swedes are leaving, record numbers of people from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Somalia, and other predominantly Muslim, war-torn countries are immigrating. In 2011, more than 80,000 expatriates arrived in Sweden, and in 2012 Sweden set a new record by absorbing 110,000 immigrants – into a country of only nine million! They have been arriving by the tens of thousands in recent years largely as refugees intentionally brought in by the Swedish government at Swedish taxpayer expense. Most aren’t skilled workers, cannot speak or read Swedish, and are indifferent at best to Swedish cultural mores. Unemployment is exceedingly high in immigrant communities, thus most refugees are long-term dependents of Swedish taxpayers.

One political party has recently emerged to stand alone in thoughtful opposition to debasing, self-destructive mass immigration policies. The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) won representation in the riksdag (parliament) for the first time in 2010, and current public opinion polls suggest they are now the third most popular political party in the country. They will likely increase their representation in the riksdag in the next national election in September of 2014, thereby augmenting their ability to affect substantive change to mass immigration policies.

The delusion that mass immigration is working and refugees are integrating is crashing down around the ears of Sweden’s current ruling government coalition. Random violent assaults – including sexual assaults – by Muslim immigrants against native Swedes have become commonplace. From May 19th through the 27th thousands of immigrants engaged in senseless wanton rioting in Stockholm’s suburbs. It started in Husby and quickly spread to Skarholmen, Jakobsberg, Fittja, Rinkeby, Skarpnack, Kista, Tensta, Norsborg, and others. Hundreds of cars were burned; banks, stores, dumpsters, police stations, and even schools were set on fire. When first responders arrived at the scene, immigrants hurled rocks at them while hollering “Allahu Akbar!”. Rioting also occurred in immigrant districts of Goteborg, Linkoping, Malmo, Uppsala, and other cities across the country.

The independent Swedish newspaper Dispatch International ran an editorial titled “The Swedish Intifada” which lamented the intentional lie-by-omission by the militantly politically-correct mainstream Swedish media about the obvious role that Muslim immigrants and Islamic ideology played in the rioting. Authors Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard wrote:

“One word has been absolutely absent in all reports and commentaries: IslamThe most precise characterization of the violent thugs that the media and politicians have been providing is that they are ‘youths.’ The line of thought seems to be that this kind of behavior is normal and understandable among the youngthe fact is that young Swedes would never behave like this. However, this approach has numerous parallels everywhere in the Western world with significant Muslim immigration.”

Some make the specious claim that eliminating Sweden’s mass immigration policies would be “xenophobic,” “bigoted,” or even “racist.” In fact, every nation has the inalienable right to maintain their cultural and ethnic identity in perpetuity, not to mention their socioeconomic integrity. The real racists are the genocidal multiculturalists who revel in the thought that native Swedes will soon enough be a minority in their own country, and are wont to facilitate achieving that goal through ever more lax immigration policies combined with intensive state-sponsored media propaganda.

Is avoiding too much immigration even possible in the modern age? Like the U.S. and Sweden, Japan is an affluent, thoroughly modern country, and even in today’s globalized climate their population is still greater than 98 percent Japanese. The Japanese have long maintained conservative immigration policies, and aggressively endeavor to identify and deport illegal aliens. Are the Japanese bigots because of their circumspect approach to immigration? Of course not, they simply wish to hold onto their dignity, ethnic homogeneity, and cultural identity. The Swedish government could learn a thing or two from the Japanese.

Others argue that it is the Swedish government’s “responsibility” to absorb as many refugees as possible because, after all, Sweden has been such a prosperous nation. In fact, the first and highest responsibility any nation’s government is to the socioeconomic well-being of its own people – this is the whole purpose of government! Importing tens of thousands of refugees every year, year in and year out, perpetually funding their food, housing, transportation, language lessons, medical, dental, and other sundry benefits represents a massive involuntary redistribution of wealth from Swedish taxpayers to foreign nationals who have done nothing to create that wealth. This is an abject abdication of the principle responsibility of government, the moral equivalent of stealing, and indeed a form of evil.

Last November I had an opportunity to visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the first time. As I drove through Cherokee, North Carolina to get to the park, I passed a number of roadside tourist attractions run by the local Native American tribe. One in particular had several Native American dancers in traditional garb performing traditional dances for tourists. This was certainly an intriguing sight, but it also struck me as a bit sad for a once proud people. Is this the type of fate that awaits Sweden? The few remaining native Swedes in the future may well be left to perform traditional Swedish dances in their folkdr-kt at places like Skansen to entertain, and earn a handful of kronor from, the “new Swedes.”

If it was wrong to subject Native Americans to mass immigration and genocide, then it is wrong to do the same to native Swedes. And make no mistake that is exactly what Sweden is already in the early stages of – a slow-motion, multi-generational train wreck that will ultimately result in diluting the Swedes and everything it ever meant to be Swedish clean out of existence. U.S. foreign policy bears some responsibility for this sad state of affairs. For example, the relatively small nation of Sweden has taken in more Iraqi refugees since our two contrived wars in Iraq began in 1991 than any other nation in the world! It is unfortunately too late to undo the genocide that was foisted upon Native Americans in their own land, but it is not too late to save native Swedes from a similar fate, though the window of opportunity to do so is closing.

To avoid this, two major changes must be made. First, the U.S. must stop conducting itself as the policeman of the world and adopt a true non-interventionist foreign policy as our Founders envisioned. End the wars cold turkey, bring all troops home to protect our borders here, and close all foreign bases. Leave those poor people in the Middle East and their oil alone. Let them have their perpetual sectarian violence in their own countries so it isn’t imported to ours, winding up on the streets of Stockholm, London, or Boston. Second, Swedes must elect representatives to national office who will abolish mass immigration policies. The Sweden Democrats have a good chance in next year’s election as their polling numbers are increasing. Jamestown-area Swedish-Americans cannot of course vote in Sweden’s elections, but we can donate financially to the Sweden Democrats to help them to a strong victory. To find out how, go online to

Tack ska du ha!

Newkirk L. Johnson is a Swedish-American residing in Warren, Pa. His ancestors came from the county of Ostergotland, Sweden.