I’m A City Slicker So Bear With Me

To The Reader’s Forum:

I’m a city slicker so bare with me, but recently a farm bill was introduced and there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding it, with many farmers understandably disapproving it, because it would raise their prices – and farmers truly are ones who need as much subsidizing as they can get, not billion dollar corporations who thrive in our cities.

But help me to understand how they’re not a factory of sorts. Isn’t this where the term for a factory – or plant – came from, and don’t these places “produce” goods? They both depend on weather/whether … one depends on plenty of sunshine and the right amount of rain, the other depends whether the economy is good, both require investments and both earn razor thin profits due to competition or other factors.

And no I am not against farms by a long shot, I respect them enough to say they don’t need unionization.

Russell Fowler,