Mayville To Purchase New Software, Talks Speeding Issues

MAYVILLE – A software package promising to “drastically” reduce human error in Village of Mayville utility accounting and inventory will be online no later than the end of 2013 after the Village Board of Trustees approved purchase of the $19,500 program at its June meeting.

Titled “Continuing Property Records Software,” or CPRS, the program, according to its creator Utility Software Acquisitions, will track all customers’ electric meter information, keep an up-to-date material inventory, track work orders and monitor all street lights as well as provide fiscal year-end reports for the Public Service Commission and New York State Power Authority.

“Our CPRS and inventory will show you the location of every nut, bolt and inch of wire in your (electric) system whether installed or in stock,” Utility Software owner Rick Palumbo wrote in a letter to the village.

The new software will be, Palumbo stated, custom designed, “to suit your line crew and system needs.” Following this, all current data will be put into the system along with verification of meters, inventory items and so-called pole line entries.

Each account will be balanced with the general ledger and incorrect information removed, according to Palumbo’s letter.

In other business, Joseph Mount, a resident on Valley Street in the Village of Mayville, expressed his concern about speeding vehicles on Valley, especially after 3:30 p.m. Board member Tye Flurrie suggested a radar speed advisory sign be placed on the street to remind motorists of the 30 mph limit.

Public Works Superintendent John Buxton estimated some 43.5 tons of material was carted away during Mayville’s annual spring clean-up.

The lowest, and in fact only, bid for fuel in the 2013-14 fiscal years was Lictus Keystone of Clymer. The bids were $3.115 for 87 octane gasoline and $3.105 for No. 2 diesel fuel.

R. Weise, Jr., of Sherman was low bidder for Screen Gravel at $9.40 a yard delivered anywhere in the village. There were three other bidders.

Thirty-five yellow pine utility poles ranging in height from 30 to 45 feet will be supplied by Cox Wood Products, no address given, with a low bid of $10,394.75, the lowest of three bidders.

Z & M Ag and Turf of Falconer was low bid for a zero-turn mower, in this case a John Deere model Z920M commercial mower at a price of $6,504.

Mayville’s fire department was authorized to operate a “pan game” during the July 4th celebration at Lakeside Park.

Mayor Marty Bova was authorized to enter into a concession agreement with the Thunderbird Club during the annual Tom Drake Memorial Race Friday, July 12 and Saturday, July 13.