Feldenkrais Method Workshop Planned

On Saturday, July 13 at 10:30 a.m. the Jamestown YMCA will host a Feldenkrais Method Awareness Through Movement Workshop led by Maxine Davis. Ms. Davis is a New York City-based Feldenkrais practioner who has been sharing her passion for Feldenkrais since 1991.

According to Davis, “The Feldenkrais Method provides a way to increase your awareness of how you do what you do, so you can do what you want. This body/mind approach offers a means of self-education and self-exploration through movement that is particularly useful for people suffering from chronic pain, as well as performers, athletes and those simply interested in experiencing increased vitality in their lives.”

Awareness Through Movement classes consist of a series of verbally directed and carefully structured movement sequences involving the body and the imagination. The movements are performed in a variety of positions (lying down, sitting, standing) which address a range of functions necessary for the safe, effective and powerful use of one’s self.

Space is limited for this event so interested participants are encouraged to register early. The registration deadline is Thursday. For more information and to register, visit or call the Jamestown YMCA, 101 E. Fourth St., 664-2802.