Legal Records


APRIL 1, 2013

Burkett Quality Assurance Services, 7 Rogers St., Frewsburg, by Timothy P. Burkett.

Plunge-Right HH Metal Specialties, 153 Hopkins Ave., Jamestown, by Mark A. Carlson and Thomas W. Harris.

AC Boxing Gym, 1165 Central Ave., Dunkirk, by Rafael Burgos.

Southern Tier Firearms, 3010 Terry Rd., Sinclairville, by Gary J. Swan Jr.


APRIL 2, 2013

Killer Reef, 1371 E. 2nd St., Jamestown, by Nichole L. Osman.

William Seward Inn, 6645 S. Portage Rd., Westfield, by Haitham Khalil.


APRIL 3, 2013

Rogue Gallery, 6639 Bowers Rd., Cassadaga, by Chris T. Sciarrino and Charles C. Utegg.


APRIL 4, 2013

19 Oak Street, 19 Oak Street, Chautauqua, by Michael F. Chevalier and Marcia A. Haller.

Miss Leslies Heaven On Elm Street, 29 Elm St., Westfield, by Leslie E. Oster.

Roel & Grandpa Gardo Home & Lawn Improvement, 620 Main St., Dunkirk.

Swanson Solutions, 4671 Centrallia Hartfield Rd., Dewittville, by Jacob R. Swanson.

Allen Troyer Logging, 8960 Cherry Hill Rd., Clymer, by Allen W. Troyer.

Vinyx, 209 Pine St., Jamestown, by William H. Cooley Jr.

Thompsons Cleaning Services, 4603 Railroad Ave., Stockton, by Daniel P. Thompson.


APRIL 5, 2013

Cindy Country Store, 888 Busti Sugar Grove Rd., Busti, by Cindy L. Clifton.

B&T Emporium, 68 Grant St., Jamestown, by Tonya L. Early and William L. Mendez.

Clines AI Service, 122 Miller Valley Rd., Poland, by John C. Cline.


APRIL 8, 2013

Top Nails, 165 E. Fairmount Ave., Lakewood, by Hanh Thi My Hoang.

Top Nails, 165 E. Fairmount Ave., Lakewood, by Tuan Thanh Le.

Country Cash & Trade, 11 Rt. 322, S. Dayton, by Beth A. Pfleuger and Charles T. Pfleuger.

Niteline, 34 Babcock Ave., Jamestown, by Jamie Smeragliuolo.

BHSC Contract Services, by BHSC Management Corp.

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Management, by G&E Real Estate Management Services Inc.

Grainger Lighting Services, by Grainger Service Holding Co. Inc.

Gasmark, by UGI Energy Services Inc.

Powermark, by UGI Energy Services Inc.

Fredonia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, by SKB Auto Sales Inc.

The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks, by Harte-Hanks Direct Inc.

CCAB, by LHR Inc.

Grape Discovery Center, by Concord Grape Belt Heritage Association Inc.

COGO Pro, by BlOC 1899 Inc.

Larry Spacc Lakewood Resale, by Larry Spacc GMC Inc.

Shults Chrysler Dodge Jeep, by SKB Auto Sales Inc.

Valvo Wholesale, by Precision Transport Inc.

TBN Direct, by Buffalo News Inc.


APRIL 9, 2013

C27 Sports, 132 Fulton St., Jamestown, by William J. Covell Jr.

BHSC Speech & Audiology Services, by BHSC Management Corp.

Razorback Towing& Recovery, 615 W. 8th St., Jamestown, by John N. Venable.

Dunkirk Community Boxing Club, 113 Deer St., Dunkirk, by Rafael Burgos.


APRIL 10, 2013

Power Source, 808 Allen St., Jamestown, by Brock T. Jones and Brian T. Jones.

Wood Worx Construction, 29 Teddy Ave., Lakewood, by Michael W. Kirik.


APRIL 11, 2013

Nelsons Home Improvement, 11247 Walnut Rd., Forestville, by Nelson J. White.

Vertical Music Group, 237 N. Main St., Jamestown, by James M. Rojas.


APRIL 12, 2013

Dave & Bevs, 743 Main St., Ellington, by Eileen C. Seekings.

Family Hearth Publishing, 130 S. Ocelot St., Dunkirk, by Vicki D. Westling.


APRIL 15, 2013

Snow Ridge Motel, 6023 Portage Rd., Mayville, by Thane A. Bunce.

Memas House, 91 Jefferson St., Westfield, by Brenda L. Parker.

Hostasauras, 55 Kosciusczko Ave., Dunkirk, by Andrew R. Yerico and Jeffrey J. Polowy.


APRIL 17, 2013

Creative Construction From The Ground Up, 1263 Blockville Rd., Ashville, by Kenneth A. Davis.


APRIL 18, 2013

Above & Beyond Construction, 3479 Werle Ave., Dunkirk, by Heather R. Stresing and George R. Stresing.

Mayville Detail, 6435 Hartfield Centrallia Rd., Mayville, by Cody M. Jacobson.


APRIL 19, 2013

KC Masterpiece Detailing, 151 1/2 Chautauqua Ave., Lakewood, by Kevin R. Campbell.

Carrie Tredo Designs, 74 Jefferson St., Westfield, by Carrie A. Tredo.

Vapor Rays, 10 W. Main St., Fredonia, by Raymond C. Spears II.

Erics Property Maintenance, 1822 E. Elmwood Ave., Falconer, by Eric A. Houser.

Trend Tomorrow Industries, 123 Lincoln Ave., Dunkirk, by Glenn M. Giles.


APRIL 22, 2013

Keep The Cup Cafe, 104 Osbourne St., Sherman, by Holly B. Mason.

Cici Foot Bar, 1393 2nd St., Jamestown, by Lanzhi Li and Cuijie Ran.

Jamestown Veterinary Hospital, by NY Veterinary Services PC.

QUAL-LYNX, by Scibal Associates Inc.

Rent One, by SKC Enterprises Inc.

Dunkirk Pediatrics, by John Mulawka DOPC.

Silver Creek Pediatrics, by John Mulawka DOPC.

OGS, by Outdoor Gear Solutions Inc.

Outdoor Gear Solutions, by Outdoor Gear Solutions Inc.

Howard Hanna Holt Real Estate, by Holt Real Estate Inc.

Lakewood Construction, 12836 Iola Dr., Irving, by Ronald E. Kmiotek Jr., Joseph Folgera, and Ronlad E. Kmiotek.


APRIL 23, 2013

Muldowney Bros. Lawn Care, 7 Lowell Place, Pomfret, by Ian T. Muldowney and Kyle E. Muldowney.


APRIL 24, 2013

All-Square Construction, 47 Berry Rd., Fredonia, by Andrew W. Campaign.

Whenonline, 3134 Salisbury Rd., Jamestown, by Edward C. Carlson.

Mark O Automotive, 3477 Rt. 20, Fredonia, by Mark P. Ostrye.

BWS, by Beichner Waste Services Inc.

EMC FIN Tech, by EMC Technology Inc.

Airtight Sprayfoam, by Lapolla Industries Inc.

Kubetech, by Kubetech Custom Molding Inc.

BGC Real Estate, by Newmark & Co. Real Estate Inc.

AC Lakeview Builders, by LJ Builders Inc.