Spending Of ObamaCare Has Barely Begun

To The Reader’s Forum:

My letters to the editor, June 8 and July 29, 2012, (still available online) railed against the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Since then we failed to swing control of the Senate, and the House has voted to repeal ObamaCare (37 times). So there is no debate as to where the travesty of this governmental overreach rests. The cost estimates are now up to 1.8 trillion as of this week, double the administrations projections when proposing ObamaCare. If you offered to buy a house, and found out in order to make it livable, it would cost double, would you blindly follow through.

The spending side of ObamaCare has barely begun. If the “pre-existing condition insurance plan”, is any indication, cost estimates may be off by as much as 300 percent. Projections showed that plan would be required by 400,000 people, and cost 5 billion dollars. In fact, only 135,000 subscribed, but cost all of the 5 billion projected.

Let us not let that slip by. The order of magnitude of underserved patients (used to justify the program to begin with) was overestimated by a factor of three, and the actual costs per patent under the program, were under-estimated by a factor of three. This is just one tiny segment of a behemoth that has yet to be brought to life.

The lie that you will be able to keep your plan has been exposed. More than 50 percent of employers will be dropping insurance and paying the tax penalty, because of the rate increases caused by ObamaCare. Ask your employer if they have insurance cost projections for 2014, and if they do, if they will continue to offer health insurance. The tax penalty that seemed so onerous a year ago, given the projected rate increases, looks like an unavoidable escape route. Unfortunately, once the private insurance industry has been euthanized, that tax will skyrocket.

The government plan, the one the Senate voted to exempt itself from, will be the only plan available, to the vast majority of patients. The enactment of ObamaCare is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Every indication as to the outcome is clearly visible, but those in the position to do something about it, the US Senate, have their collective head, where the sun doesn’t shine. Those who elected Kirsten Gillibrand and the big government liberals should pay for all the cost overruns.

Geoff Turner