Busti Transfer Station Sticker Cost Increases

BUSTI – The costs of a Busti transfer station sticker has increased for the first time in seven years.

Earlier this month, Busti officials passed the rate increase during a town board meeting. The costs of the sticker went from $50 to $75.

On June 17, Jesse Robbins, Busti supervisor, talked about the reason for the rate increase. He said in 2012, the transfer station had around $63,000 in expenses and only generated $56,000 in revenue. The transfer station lost around $7,000 last year.

”Contracts are going up, fuel prices are going up … this is why we had to increase the price of the dump sticker,” Robbins said.

The supervisor said the price of the sticker had not increased since 2006 when it rose to $50. He said the $25 increase in the sticker is to prevent from having to increase the cost each year.

”Hopefully it will be another seven years, if not longer, before we have to increase it again,” he said.

Robbins said in 2011, the board debated increasing the sticker after the town ”broke even” with the cost and revenues at the transfer station. The board also discussed raising the sticker’s price in 2012.

The budget for the transfer station is mainly determined by how many transfer stickers are sold. In 2011, 980 stickers were sold.

The price of recycling also factors into the transfer station’s budget. Robbins said the amount of money received last year from recyclables was not as much as in past years, which also led to the deficit.