Eyes On The Interstate

ELLICOTT – More retail development one day may be coming to three Interstate 86 exits in the area.

Town of Ellicott officials have hired Retail Attractions LLC to look to the possibility of adding more retail businesses in the town. At a recent meeting, the town board approved paying the consulting company $1,500 to assess the possibility.

”They are going to do an assessment for the town to see if there is a need for more retail businesses, and where those retail businesses would be best located,” said Cecil Miller, town supervisor. ”It would give us more of a framework to work with when talking to retailers that want to move to Ellicott, and we can say we have a study and it says we need this type of business.”

Miller said the assessment will focus on three areas of the town, the Interstate 86 exits – Falconer along Route 394, and in Jamestown along Strunk Road and North Main Street.

”We think there is some real opportunity there, and when we did our comprehensive plan those were the areas that we really want to focus on as far as development,” Miller said.

According to Retail Attractions LLC website, www.retailattractions.com, the business is headquartered in Owasso, Okla. Retail Attractions is an economic development firm that believes relationships are the key to making deals happen. Its staff is dedicated to fostering partnerships that benefit their clients and the retailers they work with. They have strong working relationships with more than 50 developers and hundreds of restaurants and retailers.