Trap Leagues

John Pearson and Brady Carl of Kalbfus, Dave Kingsley and Bob Faga of Pine Grove, Doug Sliker and Joel Stewart of Tidioute, Colton Black and Rick Espin of Sugar Grove I, C.J. Jones and Rich Lee of Brokenstraw and Reed Johnson of Sugar Grove II delivered perfect 50 scores in n the second week of the Warren County Trap League.

For Carl, this was the first 50 for the junior shooter.

Kingsley’s 50 was the highest for a veteran while Russ Wingard and Jerry Willett of Pine Grove, Jack Kostkas of Tidioute and Ralph Challingsworth of Sheffield had 49s for highest senior veteran totals.

Jim Stearns of Kalbfus hit a 49 for the top super senior veteran score. Kathy Gebhardt of Brokenstraw had a 46 for the highest lady total and Elijah Trawick of Sugar Grove I a 44 for the highest sub junior score.

In team results, Kalbfus downed Corry, 345-327; Pine Grove prevailed over Sugar Grove II, 344-338; Tidioute got past Sheffield, 344-338; and Brokenstraw nipped Sugar Grove I, 342-339.

KALBFUS (345): John Pearson 50, Brady Carl 50, Michael McDunn 49, Mike Mackey 49, Jim Nowacki 49, Chuck Loomis 49, Jim Stearns 49.

CORRY (327): Jamie Morton 49, Jim Huntley 49, Dalton Sipes 47, Chuck Geer 46, Tage Grant 46, Ken Berkhous 45, Ashley Walton 45.

PINE GROVE (344): Dave Kingsley 50, Bob Faga 50, Dave Straight 49, Russ Wingard 49, Jerry Willett 49, Scott Carter 49, Clyde Knapp 48.

SUGAR GROVE II (338): Reed Johnson 50, Tom Dallas 49, Zack Johnson 49, Steve Beck 48, Jared Lindell 48, Paul Keppel 47, Kevin Nicklas 47.

TIDIOUTE (344): Doug Sliker 50, Joel Stewart 50, Jack Kostkas 49, Ken Anderson 49, Allen Hanson 49, Lee Turk 49, Tim Case 48.

SHEFFIELD (338): Joe Leichtenberger 49, Ralph Challingsworth 49, Lee Heeter 49, Breck Fry 49, Gary McLaughlin 48, Bob Dixon 47, Marty Grove 47.

BROKENSTRAW (342): C. J. Jones 50, Rich Lee 50, Curt Hollabaugh 49, Rusty Luther 49, Zach Bush 48, Ron Gustafson 48, Dan Morris 48.

SUGAR GROVE I (339): Colton Black 50, Rick Espin 50, Ethan Black 49, Jake Lindell 48, Scott Currie 48, Fred Franklin 47, Jim Hannon 47.

– – –

Busti beat Randolph, 347-346, and Celoron outgunned Carroll, 343-331, in the Thursday Night Chautauqua County Trap League.

Busti’s Dave Sena, Bill Dallas, Clyde Knapp and Kirk Decker; Randolph’s Bill Congdon, Gary Sickles Jr. and Skip Frazier; and Celoron’s Russ Wingard and Bob Faga all shot 50s.

The high lady was Sandy Rater with 46 while high juniors were Kayla Nededov and Andrew Hvizdzak, also with 46s. The high sub junior was Dalton Becker with 48. High vets were Knapp and Faga with 50s, and high senior vet was Wingard with his 50. The high super senior vet was Dallas with a 50.

BUSTI (347): Dave Sena, Bill Dallas, Clyde Knapp and Kirk Decker, 50, Hod Edgreen, Dick Starks and Craig Broberg, 49.

RANDOLPH (346): Bill Congdon, Gary Sickles, Jr. and Skip Frazier, 50, Kim Milford, D.M. Bifaro, D.J. Bifaro and Jacob Grimm, 49.

CEOLRON (343): Russ Wingard and Bob Faga, 50, Dave Anderson, Kevin Nicklas and Rob Becker, 49, Dalton Becker and Kevin Sturzenbecker, 48.

CARROLL (331): Ray Lee and Marty Nelson, 49, John Foster and Jim Nowacki, 48, Paul Prentice and Ron Feidler, 46, Ed McCullough, 45.