‘1 Ball’ WIFFLE Ball Tourney Raises More Than $4,000

FREWSBURG – The first “1 Ball” WIFFLE Ball Tournament for Testicular Cancer was held last weekend at Willis Hale Town Park.

The event played host to 16 teams, which were made up of 94 former backyard heroes. ”The Won Nut Wonders” – team members were Mike Sheesley, Pat Dove, Drew Hale, Ricky Carlson, Jake Emley and Eric Sohl – defeated the “One Hitters,” comprised of Sam Zembardo, Dave Zembardo, Dave Klemens, Ryan Johnson and Adam Eggleston, 4-3, in the championship game.

Scott Forster of “Off in the Woods” was the home run derby champion, while Eggleston was the home run leader during the day’s action. “The Won Nut Wonders” also received the award for the best team uniform/team name.

More than $4,000 was raised to benefit the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation (www.tcafinfo.org) and support its mission of educating the public of the importance of monthly testicular self-exams and encouraging the public to talk as openly about testicular cancer as it does about other cancers.

The championship field sponsor was Western New York Urology Associates and other field sponsors were Arthur R. Gren Co. Inc., Certo Brothers Distributing, Coach’s Corner Inn, Frewsburger Pizza Shop, Shawbucks and The Jock Shop.