$1 Million Upgrade

More than $1 million in renovations for Tracy Plaza were approved Monday.

During its monthly voting session, the City Council unanimously passed 32 resolutions, two of which will allow for roughly $1.03 million in upgrades to the building and public space.

The first resolution, authorizing an agreement with D&S Glass in the amount of $193,908.79, will allow for the replacement of 24 windows in City Hall.

“We’ve been working on this project for three or four years now,” said Jeff Lehman, director of public works. “We had a really hard time finding gold glass to match the building, but we were able to find a manufacturer and work with them. This price is higher than we were quoted when we first found the glass manufacturer, but we’ll be replacing 24 windows. It’s well overdue.”

According to Lehman, the money for the window replacements was bonded several years ago over two separate bonds. The project had been put on hold because of the difficulty of finding a company to manufacture the windows.

“The money for this is all money that was bonded years ago,” said Lehman. “We bonded it, and then we found out that in order to get (the manufacturer) to make the amount of glass that we needed, we needed to add more windows. They bonded some additional money after that.”

The second, much larger project will be an $840,000 renovation of the parapet wall surrounding Tracy Plaza. The renovations that have been planned for this section of the plaza will be handled by CPS Construction Group, located in Cheswick, Pa., who were the sole bidders on the project.

“We only had one bid, which surprised us,” said Lehman. “We were able to work with the contractor and work on the price, and I think we have a really good project.”

According to Lehman, the parapet wall renovations will entail tearing down the wall that surrounds Tracy Plaza on all four sides of the building and replacing it with a railing system which will open up the plaza and make it more user friendly. Also, it will deal with the hazard that city officials have seen over the past year where pieces of the wall have been falling off.

“It’s a good project,” said Lehman. “It’s well-needed. Right now, (Tracy Plaza) is a pretty closed off area, so we’re trying to open it up. We have events here throughout the year, so we’re trying to open it up and make it more inviting.”