False Alarm

A false report of a person shot and suspect on foot sent Jamestown police scrambling Thursday.

Traffic temporarily was halted on North Main Street around 1 p.m. between Sixth and Seventh streets as police searched near the White Daisy Boutique and Tie-Dye Shop. Jamestown firefighters were dispatched to assist, but were eventually sent back after a tense search turned up no injured person or suspect on the run.

“Our immediate concern was to stop traffic and clear the scene,” Capt. Todd Isaacson of the Jamestown Police Department told The Post-Journal. “We tried making contact several times inside the business to no avail.”

“After repeated attempts and looking at the scene, we found no criminal activity had taken place,” he said.

Police were sent back to the North Main Street business a short time later for a report of a domestic incident involving two known subjects. The second response again yielded no emergency, Isaacson said.

“We went there just to be certain that no domestic incident had gone on,” he said.

Police are investigating the calls made Thursday and believe they know who made them, Isaacson said. He declined to go into further detail, stating, “we have a pretty good idea who it is.”

A false report involving a shooting victim is relatively rare in Jamestown, but police take them very seriously. Reporting a false incident to authorities can be a felony according to New York state law.

“Every incident we receive we’re going to take them on their merit,” Isaacson said. “We had a report where a gun was involved. We have to take them very seriously. We’re always going to err on the side of caution.”