Cassadaga Historian Speaks At Harmony Historical Society Meeting

BLOCKVILLE – Members of the Harmony Historical Society met recently for a dinner meeting and program. President of the organization William Schneider welcomed all to the meeting, and gave the blessing prior to the meal. A variety of food was available to all to enjoy. President Schneider gave the announcements and said that the annual fall festival will be held on Oct. 5-6 on the historical society’s grounds. The Harmony Historical Society is located on the Open Meadows Road in Blockville. He also thanked the people who spend their time mowing the large grounds of the society.

Schneider then introduced Cassadaga Village Historian John Sipos to speak on the history of the village of Cassadaga. Sipos had many display boards of old photographs and postcards, and some special items of the village. Sipos has been the village historian for eight years, and said record keeping is one of the most important tasks of the title as historian. Sipos brought along four large notebooks of photographs and articles pertaining to the history of the village. The village of Cassadaga celebrated its bicentennial year in 2009, but Sipos said there were people there long before 200 years ago. The Mound Builders Indians were probably the first about 500 years ago, followed by the Erie Indians, the Iroquois Indians and the Seneca Indians. People settled in the village area from other states for the farming, lumbering, hunting and the beauty of the lakes, said Sipos. Over the many years, buildings have come and gone, and the people remained to keep the community going. Sipos showed some old milk bottles and said that there used to be a dairy farm every four or five houses. Water was bottled from the village stream and sold in bottles in the cities. Industry included many wood working factories. An interesting program was enjoyed by all.