Dream It. Do It.

BEMUS POINT – Bemus Point Elementary School fifth-graders recently learned about science, technology, engineering and math through hands-on learning delivered by Dream It. Do It. and the Chautauqua Education Coalition.

“Our objective has been to help the students connect the importance of the work they have done in the classroom this year to careers and opportunity here in our region,” said Todd Tranum, Chautauqua County Chamber and the Manufacturers Association president and chief executive officer. “We are grateful to the Maple Grove schools system for embracing our efforts and specifically appreciate Mrs. Conley and Mrs. Johnson for being so generous with their time and having our team come in and deliver this program. The students have been engaged and active participants in the learning.”

The two-day program includes an overview in manufacturing, the basics of good work ethic, how to work in teams, the importance of communication skills and how to be proactive. The students participated in hands on learning stations where they learned about electromagnetism. Students participated in lean manufacturing processes and learn about process improvement. For the finale, the students tour the Cummins Jamestown Engine Plant and the Manufacturing Technology Institute at Jamestown Community College.

“This is a pilot project that we plan to deliver to more schools in the county and modify for delivery to additional grade levels,” Tranum said. “We look forward to working with schools throughout the county to enhance science, technology, engineering and math learning and discuss manufacturing careers.”

The Dream It. Do It. program was established the communicate career opportunities in manufacturing and help align students with technical education opportunities and careers with manufacturers in the region. The Chautauqua County Education Coalition, which grew out of Dream It., Do It., has established a mission to develop and implement solutions to meet the evolving workforce requirements of the community.

Both Dream It. Do It. and the Chautauqua County Education Coalition are initiatives of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce and the Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier. For more information, call the Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers Association at 484-1101 or 366-6200.