Cindy’s Piano Studio Raises Funds For Audubon

Students of Cindy’s Piano Studio, Bemus Point and Lakewood locations, recently held a benefit recital at Jamestown’s Audubon Center. Attendees brought their lawn chairs and blankets and enjoyed animal-themed music in front of the ponds. Because the Audubon is an educational organization, Mrs. Robison had the children research interesting facts about the animal represented in their piece.

The program started with Luke Lindeman playing “More Fireflies” and ended with Stuart Rinehart playing “The Steeplechase.” Other participating students were: Ava Crist, Harper and Eliza Dawes, Fletcher, Porter and Trey DeMink, Stephanie Derkovitz, Jordan Feinen, Jack Lingenfelter, Carling Lockwood, Mallory Lohnes, Makala Nelsen, James, Simon, and Isac Pirrello, Desiree Putt, Sarah and Lizzy Quadt, Oliver Rinehart, Sydney Segrue, Lillian and Gloria Marsh and Coco Seagren. Brianna Lopez, teacher, and Cindy Robison, owner/teacher, also accompanied some duets with the students.

Jeff from the Audubon gave a short talk about what they do at the Audubon and how area residents can help. Just as the participants finished the music and were taking pictures, the bald eagle flew overhead.

Cindy’s Piano Studio raised $207 in donations so the education can continue.

If one would like to help, contact Jamestown Audubon Society at 569-2345 or visit their website at