Good Decision, Bemus Point Residents

To The Reader’s Forum:

Congratulations to the Bemus Point School District voters who turned out in large numbers to support the Little School District that just keeps getting it done.

Where else in Chautauqua County can you find a school district that boasts the top ranked academic program, the top performing high school, state championship athletic teams and athletes, award-winning musical theater productions and regionally recognized academic stars? Moreover, all of that is accomplished with a cost per pupil less than only two other school districts in Chautauqua County and more than $8,000 a year less per pupil than one neighboring school district.

Yet there was vocal opposition to a modest budget increase that was within the recently imposed 2 percent tax cap on school district spending. Opponents of the budget claimed that modern technology had no place in our educational system and that antiquated science laboratories were sufficient. How sad. In a region that struggles economically there is no question that our youth require an educational boost to insure success in the world. Bemus schools have done that and done it in a cost-effective manner.

Bemus Point School District residents know the proud history and value of our schools. Come on Maple Grove and Bemus Point Elementary School, keep showing us what you got!

John Zuroski