Organ Recital Highlights Lakewood Church’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

By Eric Tichy

LAKEWOOD – The organ inside Lakewood United Methodist Church has been around for a while. In fact, it’s older than the church itself.

As the former tracker action organ at the Unitarian Church in Jamestown, the musical behemoth was constructed in 1886 in Massachusetts by Johnson and Son. It made its way to Lakewood in 1981, where it now takes up much of the church’s back wall.

On Sunday, the Lakewood United Methodist Church held an organ recital as part of their 100th anniversary. Organists Brian Bogey and Ronald McEntire and guest pianist Zac Ricker performed.

“I haven’t met an organ I didn’t like,” said McEntire, who holds a Bachelor of Music degree in organ performance, before Sunday’s recital. “This organ has been around awhile. The one thing about Jamestown is that they are very proud of their organs.

“It’s a wonderful instrument, and this one here has been restored to its original glory for everyone to enjoy. I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Bogey, minister of music and worship at Zion Covenant Church in Jamestown, said of the organ, “It’s a lot of fun to play. I’m just excited to be able to perform.”

The Rev. Violet Davidson greeted guests as they arrived Sunday for the recital. She said many residents have never been to the church before, and as a result, have never enjoyed the unique organ, estimated to be worth more than $250,000 when it was appraised in 1981.

“It’s wonderful that we are able to have this for the community,” Davidson told The Post-Journal. “It’s an awesome opportunity to meet new people who have never heard this organ before.”