Sherman Stanley Hose Receives Donations, Memorials

SHERMAN – The Sherman Stanley Hose Company recently received the following donations and memorials:


First Baptist Church of Sherman, Anna Hurst, Paul Bennett, Doug and Joan Frey


Brian and Nancy Jordan, Charlie and Edie, Nyle and Joyce Warner


Ron and Bonnie Meeder


Jay Tenpas: Jack and Roberta Freeman, Randy and Dana Boland, Jim and Paula Babcock and Family, David and Sandy Brown, Randy and Audrey Sweatman, Bill and Diane Brosius, Perry and Doris Beckerink, Mike and Barb Field, Olin and Marsha Hotchkiss, Larry and Joann Fisher, Harlow and Judy Fisher, Ira and Shelly Fisher, Wes and Roberts Tenpas in honor of William Nicholson, Michael and Melissa Putney, Brent and Annette Rhebergen, Sue Rhebergen, Lou Johnson, Bessie Endress, Howard and Becky Raven, Cory and Michelle Emory, Steve and Laura Wilson, Town of Chautauqua, Suzanne Dunlap, Joel and Fawn Fisher, Carlo and Carolyn Salminen, Barbara Fabor, Dave and Sherry Brumagin and Family, Dennis and Rebecca Brumagin, Doug Brumagin and family.

Judy Roberts: Bill and Diane Brosus, Tom and Janice Sweatman, David and Sandy Brown, Randy and Dana Bowland, Mike and Barb Field, John and Becky Faulkner, Lynn Lyon, Frederick and Mary Erdle, John Wiggers and Sons, Francis Peak, Kevin and Janet Troio, Ronald and Terry Regoligio, John and Linda Rodrizuez, Frank and Nancy Licari, Tom and Dawn Raggio, Charles and Susan Storms, Paul and Julie Wieczkoski, Mike and Melissa Putney, George and Mattie Pollack, Howard and Becky Raven, Bessie Endress.

Andrew Jacobs: Marilyn Johnsom.

Gail Spinks: Marilyn Coe.

Earldine Fortune: James Zebrowski, Minnie Cupp.

Norm Pratt: Judy Beckerink, Norma Warcup, Janice Grant, June Hazen.

Adam Murphy: Lou Johnson, Arro Tool and Die Inc., Wes and Roberta Tenpas, Dennis and Janet Heslink.