Full-Throttle Rock ’N’ Roll

After 15 years of entertaining residents of Jamestown and the surrounding region, Synergy has decided to put the band to rest.

Synergy will perform its final show at The Roadhouse, 1250 E. Second St. in Jamestown, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday. Opening for Synergy at 9 p.m. is Jamestown band, Str8 Six. During Str8 Six’s performance the members of Synergy will host a meet and greet in which they will sign autographs for a fee and donate the proceeds to Infinity Visual and Performing Arts. The show will also feature a pig roast at 5 p.m., contests and giveaways. Skip Lanphere will act as audio engineer for the evening.

Synergy consists of Chris Swearingen, lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Eric Maloney, drums and vocals; Doug Bless, bass; and Paul Campbell, lead guitar. Synergy came into existence when several members of the band Harsh Reality decided to go in a different direction. Synergy’s first gig was at Hideaway Bay in Silver Creek.

Swearingen and Maloney are the two remaining members of the original band from when it formed in 1998. It has also featured: Joe Dalimonte, Randy Hofgren, Dan Tomaca, Justin Watson, Joe Rico and Chris Saxton. An invitation has been extended to former members to attend the final show and even join the band on stage again.

“I’ve been playing with Eric for nearly 17 years,” said Swearingen. “We branched of from (Harsh Reality) and went in our own direction. We met up with some guys from Fredonia, Todd Eggleston, Phil Conroy and Scott Evans to create the first version of the band. We’ve been Synergy since day one, but we’ve changed guitar and bass players.”

According to Maloney, Synergy is a rock band that tries to throw a party wherever it goes. To do so, the band adds a rock edge to songs that people love, such as: Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” Johnny Cash tunes and others. But, they occasionally perform original songs as well.

“We’re primarily a cover band that is more about performance and entertaining than our own artistic expression,” said Maloney. “Synergy is about able bodies coming together to do something better. When we first started it was all about us and the name was all about the band. But, now it’s about the whole thing: the show, the fans and all the people who we do this with. We see a lot of the same people come out to see us all over the place, and that’s what Synergy is now – we take a lot of pride in that.”

According to Swearingen, some of the coolest moments were opening for acts such as: Slaughter, Quiet Riot, Kiss Army, Ironhorse, L.A. Guns, Warrant, Ratt, Dokken, FireHouse and Union.

“Here are idols that I grew up listening to and then I was on the same stage as these people,” said Swearingen. “We did a big a show in Buffalo with Union, which was John Corabi, vocalist and guitarist of Motley Crue and KISS’ guitarist Bruce Kulick. To this day I still remember standing in the bathroom in a tiny bar in Buffalo when rock god Bruce Kulick walks in – it was cool.”

Part of the reason why the band is retiring is because Swearingen has taken on lead vocals for a country band called Smokin’ 45. The band consists of: Swearingen, Campbell, Zack Blood and Matt Logue.

“It’s taking off like wildfire, and I can’t keep up with two bands,” said Swearingen. “There’s so much going on with the country scene right now and it’s popular. I love the stuff Synergy plays, I love the guys and it’s not like there are any hard feelings – it was one of the tougher decisions I’ve had to make.”

“They are really good – I’m jealous,” said Bless.

Smokin’ 45’s next performance is set for Saturday, June 28, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at The Roadhouse. For more information visit www.smokin45.com.

“Everyone should come out to our show on Saturday so that we can say thank you for all the years of support – let’s have a party one last time,” said Maloney.

Presale tickets to Synergy’s show this Saturday are $5, but are limited and can be purchased by calling Kelly at 450-7991. Any tickets still available by the day of show will be available at the door for $7. For more information visit www.synergyrocks.com.