Lander High School Holds 95th Reunion

The 95th Lander High School Reunion was held recently at the Lander United Methodist Social Parlor. Forty alumni and their guests were present.

The business meeting featured reports by the various committees. The nominating committee reported that the office for vice president was unfilled, but Mary Ann Gebhart Gaffner graciously accepted the position. Other officers for 2013-14 include: Delores Wilkins, president, Donna Ostrum, secretary/treasurer, Norma Mills, historian, and Shirley Hitchcock, toastmistress.

Mills conducted the memorial service for alumni who died between June 2012 and May 2013. She read “Death Is a Door” by Nancy Turner. Remembered were: Ethel Dungeon Farley, class of 1935, Roger Lindell, class of 1948, Robert Van Ord, class of 1957, David Marquis, class of 1956, William Knapp, class of 1930, Elaine Swanson Wenzel, class of 1946, Rose Lehmann Christianson, class of 1944, Roger Thelin, class of 1949, and Shirley Babcock, class of 1953.

Toastmistress, Bev Church called on members of the five-year anniversary classes for memories. Susie Frith spoke for the 50 year class, Mary Ann Gaffner for the 55 year class, Lois Yoxtheimer for the 60 year class, Norma Mills for the 65 year class, and Fran Decker for the 70 year class. It was noted that Betty Carlson from the class of 1930 was celebrating her 83rd graduation anniversary.

Church introduced Tom Knapp, the representative for this area, to the Warren County School Board who was also a graduate of Lander High School. He spoke about the current construction at Eisenhower Middle Senior High School. A new elementary school is being built on the campus. He also explained the configuration of the existing building and how it will fit into the concept of an elementary-high school facility. He entertained questions and told the audience he would remain after the gathering to further explain the drawings to anyone who was interested.

The luncheon concluded with classmates singing the alma mater of Lander High School.