Barmore Receives Conservative Party Endorsement For Clerk

Emphasizing his extensive career owning and managing a business for 40 years, Larry Barmore met with Chautauqua County Conservative Committee members to ask for their endorsement for county clerk.

“The county clerk’s office is a business, and it requires a leader with experience managing staff, budgeting and finding ways to deliver the best possible service at the lowest possible cost,” said Barmore. “The Conservative Party understands how important it is that the county clerk’s office continues to operate as the profitable business it’s been under Sandy Sopak’s leadership. Sandy and I have the same business and management background which would make the transition of county clerks seamless. That is why I believe I make the best candidate for county clerk and the Conservative Party’s endorsement.”

The Chautauqua County Conservative Committee held its annual dinner recently where Deputy County Clerk Tracie Kaminski Haskin spoke on behalf of Barmore.

“The county clerk’s job, although it’s an elected position, is not a political job. It is not a political stepping stone,” she said. “It’s a job that requires a hands-on, experienced manager who understands and respects the past as an avenue to the future. I know what it takes to be county clerk, and that’s why I’m asking you to join me in supporting Larry Barmore for county clerk.”

After interviewing both candidates, Barmore unanimously received the Conservative Party endorsement for county clerk.

The county clerk’s office is diverse and broad and includes the filing of Supreme and County Court records, recording of all land records and related documents in addition to overseeing the three DMV offices. Under Sopak’s leadership, the office has returned money to the general fund every year, requiring no property tax dollars to operate, and providing additional funds to other county departments to provide services to county residents.

“I’ve spent the last 40 years operating a profitable business, working within a budget, managing staff and serving customers,” said Barmore. “I’m looking forward to using all of my business experience and background along with the foundation that has been laid by Sandy Sopak to improve and expand on what is already there. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just make it better.”