Adult Softball


A-Bat won a pair of games on Sunday, starting with a 17-11 victory over B&M Electric.

Bill Lawson had a huge day for A-Bat with four home runs; Doug Trapani followed with a triple, a double and two singles; Ryan Anderson slammed a home run, a double and a single; Steve Trapani smacked a pair of doubles and a single, Richard Allen added three hits with a double and Dave Saxton and Tom Brown had two hits each.

For B&M Electric, Corey Philbrick drilled a pair of doubles and a single, Matt Peterson tripled and singled, Roger Bingham produced two hits and Wade Crabtree homered.

A-Bat also cruised to a victory over the Roadhouse by a 10-run margin.

Bill Lawson and Doug Trapani led the way with a home run, a triple and two singles apiece; Ryan Anderson connected for three triples and a single; Dave Saxton added four hits, including a home run; Cortland Haines delivered a pair of triples and two singles, Richard Allen homered and Wilson Sanchez, Steve Trapani and Alex Pickett all had a double and two singles.

For the Roadhouse, Tom Fishbottom smacked a grand-slam homer.