Stop Translating And Start Demanding English Be Our Primary Language

To The Reader’s Forum:

I read with interest the editorial stating a Hispanic Navigator is needed. No we don’t. We need English as our national language. Thirty years ago Spanish students were available to teach English to Spanish speaking children and adults. It was free. They had to be mandated to attend and then they came in the door walked through the building and out the back door. They did not want to learn. The resistance was incredible. There is no incentive, no benefit to learning the language if you have translators for everything. Is it any better now? No, it’s worse. Now we need more translators! Until we make English our national language we will need millions of Hispanic Navigators.

If our ancestors had that service we would still have Italian and Swedish, etc. navigators. What happens when the next influx of citizens speaks a different language? More navigators? Aren’t our elections scary enough now? And we encourage everyone to vote! Don’t use my money for that program. I’ll need it to leave the country and I will have to learn THEIR language, wherever I go.

Elaine Forbes