Senior Makes Most Of Time At Bemus Point

ELLERY – Peter Cala is a Bemus Point Central School senior who has been making the most of his educational opportunities.

As he finishes his final year of high school, Peter will have been enrolled in all upper-level classes afforded him at Maple Grove.

For his ambition, Peter will have earned a minimum of 32 college credits from 10 different classes. These college level classes include: keyboarding, accounting fundamentals, Spanish 4, English, calculus 1, calculus 2, elementary statistics, public speaking and Supreme Court law. He was also enrolled in AP chemistry, which may earn him more credits.

Despite being a well-rounded student in all subject areas, Peter said he is most drawn to English-particularly the literature aspect. He is an avid reader, which he considers to be his favorite hobby.

“I guess it’s just about the choice,” he said. “There aren’t a whole lot of other hobbies that let you experience something completely different from your life. I run, also, but it’s kind of a vent for certain things, it’s just a physical activity. But with reading, it kind of gives you a break from whatever you happen to be going through. It’s not so monotonous. You can jump to another genre and experience something completely different.”

Peter will be taking his passion for literature with him to Penn State University, which he will be attending in the fall. Although he initially considered majoring in English as a precursor to a law degree, he said he will most likely end up pursuing a degree in architectural engineering in hopes of finding a more financially rewarding job.

“When I was applying to Penn State, it was brought to my attention that engineering is generally considered to be one of the most lucrative fields to go into. And I already had a desire to do something that was related to architecture, but that’s kind of a shot in the dark,” he said. “I could go (to Penn State) and find out that I’m only deciding I like architecture because we did a couple of sketches in art class, and my teacher thinks I have a good eye for it.

“It’s a dichotomy,” he added. “For all I know, I’m going to go into these engineering classes and not like them at all. And, even though it’s a less lucrative career path, I might just very well end up with an English literature degree or something of that nature.”

As a runner, Peter’s extracurricular activities consist primarily of track and cross-country. However, he was involved with Maple Grove’s production of “West Side Story,” which participated in this year’s Buffalo-based Kenny Awards at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in March. For his involvement, Peter won a Kenny Spotlight Award for best supporting actor.

Doris Hale, Peter’s Spanish teacher, praised him on the subject.

“It’s neat that he was (recognized) as a stand out actor,” she said. “I’ve had him in my class for four years, and he’s very nice and respectful. It makes me proud to know that I have him as a student, and it’s good to know that there is a kid like him in the world.”

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