Who Needs A KGB If You Have An IRS?

To The Readers’ Forum:

At a peaceful demonstration in front of the IRS office in Jamestown, a sign said, “If we were deer, it would be called poaching.” Other orderly demonstrations around the country had Department of Homeland Security vehicles on site. Who needs a KGB, if you have an IRS? While the president’s administration scrubbed references to “jihad” and “Islam” from its FBI training manuals, it has done all it can to suspiciously target law-abiding citizens coalescing to exercise their freedoms. The IRS demanded lists of books, Facebook and Twitter entries, donor lists, and even names of family members, not to mention the contents of what was prayed. What more do you need for turning the initials of the IRS into the IRI as in “Inquisition?”

When Congress issued a subpoena to Lois Lerner, she pled the 5th while the inquisition she forced on citizens resulted in her getting bonuses and an administrative leave (a paid vacation). She had every right to plead the 5th, but how did that make those who were mercilessly hounded feel when a belligerent bureaucrat of the IRS conveniently pled the 5th?

An official for the Obama administration said that the law in this case was irrelevant. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could say that the laws which the IRS lords over us are irrelevant? One thing it certainly does is make the words from the President saying that everyone must play be the same rules ring hollow. They?re just about as hollow as him touting transparency in his administration. Commentator Greg Guttfeld is right: “This administration has the transparency of a burqa.”

The time is long overdue for abolishing the IRS. In the meantime, IRS special agents continue their training with “assault rifles,” the kind that exist only to kill people, according to gun-grabber Piers Morgan. “Are Americans that much of a target that you need that kind of capability?” US Congressman Jeff Duncan asked the IRS. Wondering why agents were in possession of AR-15s, the IRS told the congressman that controls were in place to use them appropriately, like those controls to prevent wasting taxpayer money on worthless extravagant seminars, I suppose. I can see it now when an incident over an inappropriate use of an AR-15 erupts, the IRS commissioner will say, “It was just sloppy customer service.”

I sure would like to see RIP over the IRS… Oh no, is that an audit coming over the horizon?

The Rev. Mel McGinnis