Gateway Train Station Receives Brick By Brick Award

The Jamestown Gateway Train Station was recognized at the 10th annual Business First Brick By Brick Awards, which honors the best examples of real estate, construction and development through the Buffalo Niagara region.

“This is its 10th year,” said Lee Harkness, Jamestown Gateway Train Station general manager. “They actually have a slate of judges in several different fields that help to choose the winners.”

The train station was awarded top honors as the “Best Historical Remodel.” According to Harkness, winners were presented with a brick with a plaque on it as the award.

“The ceremony was very well-attended,” Harkness said. “There were a lot of people there. The committee that was in charge of the ceremony put together PowerPoint presentations for each of the winners, as well as the nominations, and they did an excellent presentation on the train station. It seemed like there was more to it than there was for some other nominees.”

There were a total of 19 finalists including the Jamestown Gateway Train Station, which was one of only two from Jamestown. The other Jamestown finalist was the student housing that was recently added to Jamestown Community College.

“Everything that (Business First president and publisher) Jack Connors said during his presentation was very complimentary of Jamestown,” said Harkness. “It’s a great honor for the train station and a great honor for Jamestown and the community. It shows what the community can do if they pull together.”

Following the announcement of the winners, Harkness was also contacted by Edward Patton, Western New York Railway Historical Society director for museum development.

“I remember saying before the project even started that it could be a real jewel in the city of Jamestown and something everyone could take pride in,” said Patton in a letter to Harkness. “The restoration was a first-class job. No community is more deserving.”