Lakewood Discusses Concession Stand At Beach

LAKEWOOD – If you’ve ever needed to quinch your thirst or needed to fill your tummy while visiting the Lakewood beach house, you may soon be able to find a solution without having to leave the sand.

The Lakewood Village Board has been discussing offering food and drinks at the beach house at Richard O. Hartley Park. On May 28, John Jablonski III, Lakewood trustee, said the village’s Recreation Committee would like to explore options to establish a concession stand at the beach during the summer. Lakewood officials discussed the option of offering the items or contracting with a vendor, who would have the proper licenses and certifications, to provide the service.

According to the minutes from the village’s May 28 meeting, Susan Drago, village trustee, asked if the option to find a vendor has been investigated. Jablonski said he would like to see how ”high the hurdles” are in trying to have the village offer the service first.

David Wordelmann, Lakewood mayor, asked how much traffic the park sees on a typical summer afternoon to see if it would be worth pursuing the idea of a concession stand. David DiSalvo, village trustee, said if the village provides something simple like cans of soda, chips and candy, village officials could try it for a limited time to see how it goes.

However, the question of who would provide the items came into questions. Drago said she wouldn’t want lifeguards to be distracted from their main job of watching swimmers in the water. DiSalvo said if the manpower is available to do both, watch swimmers and provide drinks and food, why not do both.

This was not the first time the Village Board discussed the idea of a concession stand at Richard O. Hartley Park. On May 13, the board also discussed the possibility. During this meeting, Wordelmann asked for a formal plan from the village’s Recreation Committee to be presented to the board for review. During the board’s June 10 meeting, the trustees did not discuss the concession stand idea.