Hits For A Cure Organizers Deserve Thank You

To The Reader’s Forum:

A little over two years ago I lost my mother, Temple Atwell, to a horrible disease called breast cancer. On June 9, I was honored to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Hits For A Cure baseball game at the Gerry Town Park, on her behalf. This event takes place during the Valley League end of the season Baseball Tournament. (Mind you, that is boys and girls ages 7-13.) Hits For A Cure was organized to raise awareness and to help fund breast cancer research in our local area.

The young man in charge of organizing this event, Brad Barmore, is an outstanding, caring and humble gentleman. He is the reason I am writing this letter today. It is because of individuals such as he is, that my hopes of finding a cure, for this disease, are even greater. I also feel he deserves recognition for what he is showing and teaching our children in the community because dedication, hard work and giving back to your community are important things in life. The children from the town of Gerry, and any other children he has had contact with, truly look up to him. I appreciate all the time and effort Brad has put into this event to make it a great success.

I want to thank the sponsors and volunteers for their support in this endeavor. It is my hope that the people in our community and surrounding areas continue to support events such as this to ensure many years of continued success for the funding of research for breast cancer and all other cancers. We all can help support such a great cause. Together we can make a difference. Brad Barmore, my hat goes off to you. Keep up the great work.


Lori M. (Atwell) Johnson