Lakewood To Establish Planning, Zoning Committee

LAKEWOOD Moratoriums on adult novelty businesses, electronic signs, car dealerships and storage sheds has led Lakewood officials into establishing a village trustee’s Planning and Zoning Committee.

According to the minutes of the May 28 Village Board meeting, David Wordelmann, village mayor, said he is planning to appoint two members from the Village, Planning, and Zoning boards, plus Charles Smith, Lakewood village code enforcement officer and building inspector, Edward Wright, village attorney, and Joseph Johnson, village clerk, to the new committee within the next couple of weeks.

David DiSalvo, village trustee, said he has been contacted by a few village residents who have shown interest in serving on a zoning review group. DiSalvo said he and John Jablonski III, village trustee, are planning on meeting with folks from the Planning and Zoning boards and residents to begin discussions on how to address the moratoriums, site plan review process, storm water management measures, erosion regulations and amendments to zoning laws.

Wordelmann said DiSalvo and Jablonski can get together to make their recommendations, but he would be creating the Village Board’s Planning and Zoning Committee. He said as mayor it is important for him to be on the committee. Susan Drago, village trustee, said because this committee is being appointed by the mayor, he should be the lead member of this zoning review.

DiSalvo and Jablonski both said they were confused because they thought they had been appointed to the new committee during a previous meeting. DiSalvo said with two members of the Village Board with master’s degrees in urban planning, with particular expertise in zoning and planning, Jablonski and himself could be great assets in the process.

Wordelmann said changes will be coming, but these changes will be done as a group. Wordelmann said he feels very passionate about being mayor, and intends to do things the right way by utilizing the expertise of village residents.

No discussion was held during the Village Board’s June 10 meeting on forming a Planning and Zoning Committee.